Vaulting - Children

90 MINUTES- SMALL Group $27 per class

Vaulting is the ancient sport of gymnastics on horseback. In its modern form, vaulting has been developed as one of the best ways to introduce new riders to horseback riding in a controlled environment. In this group class, riders learn safe falling techniques, develop their balance, rhythm, and strength, and have a lot of fun while doing it. No horse or gymnastics experience necessary. Appropriate for ages 5+.


Vaulting - Adults

90 MINUTES -SMALL GROUP $27 per class

This small group class is designed with grownups in mind. If you're completely new to riding, vaulting will help you feel more comfortable with the movement of the horse without the stress of controlling it. If you're an experienced rider, vaulting can help you improve your seat and alignment. No matter your experience, vaulting is great for confidence, balance, and strength. Think of it like yoga on horseback!


Beginning Riding

90 MINUTES - SEMI-PRIVATE Small Group- $45 Per class

Perfect for the beginning rider, this class will build a foundation of solid horsemanship including horse behavior, care, grooming, and riding all with a focus on safety. Riders will learn a basic, balanced seat at the walk and trot which will prepare them for any style of riding in the future. Prerequisite: graduation from vaulting classes or equivalent experience. 


Intermediate Riding

90 MINUTES - Small Group $45 PER CLASS

Suitable for riders who are able to independently prepare their mounts and ride with secure basic seats and quiet hands at the walk, sitting trot, and posting trot. Riders will begin cantering, jumping, and trail riding with appropriate supervision in this skill class. 


Tiny Tots Horsemanship


This class is specifically designed for youngsters whose attention spans and development aren't quiet ready for a full riding class yet. With the supervision of parents, tiny tots meet and groom horses, tack up, and take a mini vaulting lesson.


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